Top of the Day

The wooden finial on our roof has seen its final days. Years of harsh Pennsylvania winters and owner neglect have taken their toll. Hails storms dealt the lethal blow. This summer the fellows painting our home’s trim pronounced the truth that I’d suspected: The finial was damaged beyond repair.

At first I thought we could live without a new finial. It would be expensive to replace. Why spend money on a superfluous, outdated architectural flourish? But the house just seems more somber without the finial. I’ve been checking out some options for a replacement. Though I’ve not found anything quite right for the house, I have been inspired (pun intended) to try some jaunty pot toppers. So I’ve added some fanciful finials to canisters and jars. The squiggly spires cast fantastic shadows as they dried in the sun yesterday afternoon. They will be bisque fired soon. I can’t wait to see how they take glaze. After suffering such suffocating gloom in the press every day, I really enjoyed creating frivolous toppers for these pots.

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