YouTube: Catnip for Potters

Have you noticed the smorgasbord of cooking shows on cable? A wannabe chef could spend days in front of the TV vicariously chopping, braising, and garnishing without ever entering the kitchen. In fact at this very moment  thousands of people are sitting on their couches and munching partially frozen Hot Pockets while watching The Barefoot Contessa, Gordon Ramsay, and Paula Dean create culinary bliss.

YouTube pottery videos can be just as engrossing for the potter, especially during cold winter days when wind whips through the cracks in the studio walls and makes the frigid clay insolent and unyielding. It only takes a “quick peek” at  my computer, to become hypnotized into hours of watching others’ wheels spin. It is great fun to cuddle up with a steaming mug in one hand and the mouse in the other and watch Guy Wolff effortlessly center 25 pounds of clay, or Simon Leach systematically teach the basics gleaned from generations of the famous Leach clan. Unlike over produced cooking shows, these homemade pottery videos are simple, intimate, and imperfect–just like the work of our best potters.

I’ve added links to some of my favorite YouTube pottery sites. Enjoy!


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