A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss,But a Beer Bathed Pot Grows it Fast

photo revised

For the past several Saturday mornings Lynn and I have loaded up my Jetta wagon with terracotta pots and driven out to the Ligonier Country Market. I’m sure the veteran venders with well designed trailers and EZ-UP craft show tents had fun watching us unpack my overburdened little VW and then trying to set up our thrift store tent before the opening horn sounded at 8:00am.

Somehow we got our tent assembled in time, and sold enough pots to make the drive the bag to Latrobe much lighter and less taxing for my vehicle.

It was a lot of fun meeting and making friends who’d come out to enjoy the idyllic setting. Most had suggestions for the best tent to visit for homemade perogies, organic bread, or grass-finished beef. A surprising number of people also had great suggestions about how to accelerate the growth of moss on my pots. There were all kinds of suggestions: buttermilk, beer, yogurt, yeast, and more.




My friend Tammy was nice enough to send a link to her preferred moss recipe. I decided to check out a few of the other suggested recipes as well. I’ve posted them here. Full disclosure: I’ve never tried any of these recipes. I’ve just always let moss grow on my patio pots naturally, unaware that there was a way to speed up the growth of green in the nooks and crannies of terracotta.

Perhaps there is a scientist among you who will design an experiment to definitively determine which recipe grows the best green pot.

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