Meredith Host: Potter of the Month

I just discovered this blog by Jen Allen. Check it out.


host plate decoratingI am pleased to announce that this month’s potter is the super-fabulous Meredith Host!  Meredith and I met at The School for American Crafts (at RIT) when we were both studio residents during the 2002-2003 school year.  Hard to believe that was over ten years ago…yikes!

It’s been a treat watching Meredith’s work evolve over the years.  I have many pieces of hers from our time at RIT and I just recently purchased one of Meredith’s current works from the Schaller Gallery.  I’m in awe of the layered imagery in this new tumbler I own…the amount of depth Meredith is able to acheive with seemingly flat colors and patterns is remarkable.

For those who know Meredith, her work is indeed a reflection of her personality…full of life, colorful, playful, cheerful and refreshing.  Whenever I open the cupboard and see her pots, they put a smile on my face…and…

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