Dieters Beware


If you are counting calories STOP READING NOW. I had a day that belongs on the Food Network.

We tugged a carload of pots out to the New Germany Arts Festival at the recommendation of one of my wife’s friends. We expected a pretty drive through the first blush of fall foliage. We expected pumpkins and mums and carloads of craft shoppers. What we did not expect was to bump up cholesterol and BMI exponentially.

It turns out that the cinnamon rolls at the festival are legendary. As we unpacked pots and set up the display, the aroma of warm yeasty dough and cinnamon blanketed us. I followed the scent to the huge kitchen at the back of the hall which was packed with green-shirted volunteers cranking out cinnamon buns with the joy and intensity you’d expect from Santa’s elves on the Christmas Eve.

We vowed to resist the sweet temptation. We failed.

Here is what I can tell you about these rolls now that the sugar shock has worn off:

  • They are huge and fluffy and not too sweet.
  • There is a half hour long line in the rain to buy the cinnamon rolls.
  • After waiting in line you are permitted to buy a maximum of eight rolls.
  • Not even a protein purists can pass up these high-carb, high-sugar, gluten packed treats.

After carb loading we enjoyed chicken roasted over a wood fire. Volunteers split mounds of wood nearly as efficiently as we polished off the chicken. Watching them work that hard fueled my appetite.

I waddled to my car at the end of the day past the candy apple seller. He called out to me, “Buy one get one free.” I can’t pass up a bargain. Do you remember those candy apples from the county fair when you were a kid–candy too thick and hard to gnaw through covering a mushy apply? Well, I’ve forgotten those after today’s treat. The candy was thin and crispy and stuck to the apple instead of my teeth. The apple, which was picked yesterday, was cool and crisp and just slightly tart, a perfect foil for the sweet candy coating.

I’d like to tell you that I’ll be fasting Sunday to make up for Saturday’s sins, but it is a two day festival. There are fresh baked apple dumplings, homemade chicken noodle soup, and perogies yet to try.

If you come out to the New Germany Arts Festival on Sunday between 11:00 and 5:00 my pots will be at booth 83. But you’ll find me in line for cinnamon rolls.

One thought on “Dieters Beware

  1. I’m glad I have a wedding to go to today, or I’m afraid my diet would be ruined. Sounds wonderful. Hope you have a successful weekend.

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