Spring Awakening

Finally! The hibernation is over. Signs of spring are everywhere. Whirring lawnmowers fill the air. Robins and doves tend to their ravenous offspring. Facebook is flush with prom pictures.hibernating-bear

Because spring has arrived, I can open the garage door and work in my studio and enjoy those whirring mowers and busy birds.  Because spring has arrived, I can throw pots without my hands freezing and chapping. Because spring has arrived, it is time for the Ligonier Country Market.

Tomorrow morning  I will load my little VW wagon with the terracotta planters and stoneware mugs I made all this long, cold winter. Lynn and I will set up our booth in the morning mist along with the farmers and winemakers and bakers and artists. The opening horn will blow and the regulars will hurry along the rows of tents vying for the first, scarce spring vegetables. Rain or shine the market will be packed with shoppers; because, spring has arrived and the long hibernation is finally over.spring studio shots 010spring studio shots 003

spring studio shots 005

spring studio shots 017

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