Summer Solstice and Showers

Terracotta Planters on the Way to Market

Terracotta Planters on the Way to Market

During this endless, bleak  winter I threw dozens of planters in a (pretty effective) attempt to promise myself that summer would eventually arrive. As the clay grew into planters on my wheel I imagined the pots lush with summer greenery.

Finally summer has arrived, with more showers than sun, but at least there’s no snow. I’ve filled my pots with plants and piled them near my garden gate. It is a blast to watch them overflow with the rapidly growing pansies and dahlias

I’ve also sold A LOT of planters at the market this summer. But my winter enthusiasm for throwing planters got a little out of hand. I’m still overrun with planters. I’ll take the last batch of them out to the Ligonier Country Market this morning and offer a special planter sale. Sure, I could save them to sell to next year’s spring gardeners–but with no new planters to throw, how will I make it through another winter?

If you are in the Ligonier area this morning, stop by the market and check out the final fruits of my winter planter madness.

close up brown planter


2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice and Showers

  1. Hello FD….thanks for subscribing to my blog! it’s always such a joy to find another potter out there who is so addicted to making pots! as you probably gathered from my ‘about’ page, I have been selling pots for about 28 years. I guess I feel pretty blessed to have be able to make my meager living from this amazing craft! I love making pots and I can tell that you make pots from your heart ….and I have just looked at some of your past posts and love your planters!

    cheers, Linda

  2. I love your carved planter in the top photo (well they are all good, but that is my favourite) – I’d be coming by to collect one of those if the Atlantic didn’t roll between 🙂 Thanks for dropping in on Minutiae too.

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