Want to Live a Long Life? Throw a Pot.

It is my job is to help people live long, healthy lives. So I give my patients lots of time-tested advice:

Eat more fiber.
Eat less sugar.
Get more sleep.
Take your medicine.
Get your flu shot.

But I’ve discovered a new path to longevity that doesn’t travel through the pharmacy, the organic food section, or the gym. If you want to live a long, healthy life, just head down to your local art center, pick up a big lump of clay, and throw it on the wheel.8b29ac5ebaea3209096cdde02e0d5cb3

Do you think this is Dr Ozish, new age advice?

Do you think I should trade in my medical license for a pair of earth shoes and a hemp shirt?

Well before you report me to the State Board of Medicine check out this evidence:



The Tucson Museum of Art just ran a retrospective exhibit of Mid-century Modernist movement ceramic icon Rose Cabat in celebration of her 100th birthday. She still continues to throw her famous little “feelies” at her pottery studio in Arizona.

rose cabatRose Cabat Feelies

Rose Cabat is not the only  Mid-century Modernist pottery icon who has been honored for a 100th birthday this year. The American Museum of Ceramic Art is just winding up a 100th birthday bash and celebration of 60 years of innovative work for Harrison McIntoshHarrison McIntoshharrison_mcInt.2115523252_1_lmk

Still not convinced? What about Warren MacKenzie?  Sure, at 90 he is a bit younger than Cabat and McIntosh. But Mackenzie, who makes about 5,000 pots each year shows no sign of slowing down.


I could list countless more potters, both famous and obscure, who’ve enjoyed longevity. But I’ll finish up with Beatrice Wood who famously attributed her long life to ” art books, chocolates, and young men.”beatrice chocolate and men I suspect the real key to longevity for Wood, who died in 1998 at the age of 105, was a lifetime spent as a studio potter.

bwSo take your cholesterol medicine, pass up the fast food, and bw2climb onto that treadmill. But I’m heading down to the garage and turning on my pottery wheel.

If you’d like to check out the work of other potters long in the tooth as well as those still wet behind the ears follow me on Pinterest here. I’ve pinned lots of great calorie free eye candy for pottery lovers.

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