Just Look at What You’ve Done.

Today as 2015 winds down, and you tally all you’ve accomplished, don’t forget the many people you have helped with your pottery purchases.

$10 goes to the Potters for Peace Water Filter Project for every pot you’ve purchased. This project helps families in some of our world’s poorest countries have safe, clean drinking water. This year, thanks to you, I’ve been able to donate $5,460 to Potters for Peace.

So today, as you drink coffee from your pottery mug, or toast the new year with a ceramic cup filled with your favorite spirits or brew, know that you have given many grateful people a big, clean, life-giving drink of water. Cheers!

And if you’ve got a few minutes between bowl games and parades, checkout this video that shows the good works done by Potters for Peace

Thank you!

One thought on “Just Look at What You’ve Done.

  1. You are fabulous FD through your pottery contributions and also in many other ways! Happy New Year…may 2016 be kind to us all…….

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