…So Do Something Already

You watched the news in horror.

“Somebody should do something for those people,” you told your family over dinner that evening. They agreed with you.

“Somebody should help,” you told your coworkers the next day. They agreed as well.

Some people did help. Thousands died. You sympathized idely.

Then the second quake struck. Many of those who were unharmed by the terrible April 25th earthquake in Nepal were not so fortunate two weeks later.

Have you done anything to help yet? I’m ashamed to say I have not.

Fortunately there is something we can do. And it is easy. And can take minimal time and expense. And we can get something beautiful in return–in addition to the beautiful feeling of knowing we have offered some small measure of help.clay for nepal bannerMany of the world’s most famous potters have generously donated their work to an online store and auction called Clay for Nepal. This is an opportunity for you to purchase fabulous works of art that you might never have access to in the US.

Pippin Drysedale

And since the artists are donating their work,  almost all of your purchase price goes to relief for the Nepalese people.

Kris Coad

Kris Coad

BRIDGET BODENHAM TEAPOT CUP & SAUCERCheck out the cool clay artwork on the website http://www.clayfornepal.com. The site is packed with eye candy for all pottery lovers.This is an incredible opportunity to acquire some fantastic pots, so log onto the site early to get the pots you love before someone else does. But keep your curser off the Ayumi Horie cup. That little baby is mine!